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Explore the different components that make up our personalized back pain treatment plans.
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Back pain is a medical issue. So all of our treatment programs include comprehensive consultations with US-licensed physicians. Your doctor will design you a personalized care plan – complete with prescription medications delivered to your door, 10 weeks of physical therapy, and research-based behavioral coaching.
Your doctor will check in periodically to review progress and adjust your treatment program. You may also access your care team anytime through our secure 24/7 messaging platform. Finding the right treatment plan takes time, but we're here with you every step of the way on your journey to recovery.
All our treatments are:
Meet the Medications
Dorsal offers a wide range of clinically proven medications, which can be prescribed individually or together depending on your personalized treatment plan. Not sure what's right for you?
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Expert-Designed Physical Therapy Regimens
Medication is only half the battle. The other half? Evidence-based physical therapy. It's the key to addressing the root causes of back pain. Dorsal’s 10-week therapeutic exercise regimens improve mobility, build strength and stability, and stretch tight muscles to correct the underlying movement patterns that prevent your pain cycle from being broken. Here are a few core pillars of our programs:
Core Strength and Stability
A strong core is the best guard against back pain. When the muscles around the lower spine are weak, the body relies more on ligaments and intervertebral discs for stability, causing pain from stress and overuse injuries.
The McKenzie Method
The McKenzie system relies on directional exercise to bring the spine into end range flexion or extension. This centralizes and eventually eliminates pain by shifting it away from the extremities (e.g. buttocks and legs).
Soft Tissue Mobilization
The goal of soft tissue mobilization is to relax tension and break down adhesions in the muscles, ligaments, and fascia through a variety of manual therapy techniques.

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