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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at . You may also call us at (833) 988-0589 from Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm EST.

About Dorsal

What types of treatments does Dorsal offer?

Dorsal offers 15 different FDA-approved prescription medications (such as muscle relaxers, steroid dose packs, topical and oral NSAIDs, anticonvulsants, SNRIs, and TCAs), personalized 10-week physical therapy regimens, and evidence-based behavioral coaching. Every case of back pain is different, so all our treatment programs include a comprehensive consultation with a US-licensed, board-certified physician. Learn more about our care offering.

Who is Dorsal for?

If you suffer from chronic or acute back pain – and you want to receive comprehensive, expert treatment from the comfort of home – then Dorsal is for you. Learn about the top reasons patients choose Dorsal.

Our concierge medical services and personalized treatment plans can help you address conditions such as sciatica/radiculopathy, spasms, bulging/herniated discs, and injuries. Whether you're taking the first step or resuming care, we're by your side.

Do I need a prescription to use Dorsal?

No. Your Dorsal physician will write a prescription if they assess it’s the right treatment course for your pain.

Can I use any pharmacy?

Yes, of course. Using the Dorsal pharmacy can offer certain benefits, such as better prices and free shipping, that other pharmacies won’t be able to match. If you use another pharmacy, you just need to make sure it’s part of the Surescripts network (95%+ of pharmacies are).

Who are the physicians on the Dorsal platform?

Dorsal physicians are licensed, board-certified doctors with more than 10 years of experience on average. They're experts on musculoskeletal care with backgrounds spanning physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, and orthopedics.

The Dorsal Medical Advisory Board – which designs and vets all clinical protocols – includes leading physicians, surgeons, and professors from the most prestigious musculoskeletal hospitals in the world (Columbia, NYU Langone, Hospital for Special Surgery, and more).

Is my health information secure?

Yes. Dorsal takes privacy and security very seriously, and our HIPAA-compliant platform complies adheres to all laws and regulations surrounding data integrity and health information security.


Do I need to see a doctor in-person to use Dorsal?

You need to have had an in-person doctors’ appointment in the last three years in order to use Dorsal. All of Dorsal’s care itself takes place online, so as long as you’ve seen any doctor in person (Dorsal-affiliated or not) in the last three years you can use Dorsal.

Is telemedicine safe?

Yes. Telemedicine is safe so long as patients share accurate, complete responses to questions. Dorsal-affiliated physicians rely on these responses when forming diagnoses and prescribing treatments, and need correct information in order to assess whether your pain is treatable online. You should carefully review your treatment program before commencing the program, so that you can understand the benefits and risks involved.

Is it legal to get a prescription online?

Yes. Dorsal-affiliated physicians are all properly licensed and prescribe medications online in full compliance with all federal and state laws.

Does everyone talk to a doctor?

Yes, of course. After completing your dynamic onboarding, Dorsal conducts an initial review of your case to ensure that online care is a feasible approach. If it is, your Dorsal physician will reach out to you for a follow-up before designing your treatment plan. You can always ask questions of your physician (via secure chat, phone call, or video call), before, during, or after your treatment.

Does Dorsal replace my primary care provider?

No. Dorsal serves to complement your current healthcare providers. You should keep your other providers updated with your care through Dorsal, and you should keep Dorsal updated with your care through other providers.

What should I do in an emergency?

If you have any kind of medical emergency, you should immediately dial 911. In-person attention is critical for successfully managing emergencies.

Cost and Pricing

How much does Dorsal cost?

Appointments with back specialists, pain management doctors, and physiatrists (i.e. physical medicine and rehab doctors) are extremely expensive. $400+/hr.

With Dorsal, you get a whole month's worth of all-inclusive, concierge medical care for just $59 (with a special 14-day free trial for new patients). Our flat fee covers a comprehensive doctor consultation, multiple prescriptions, medication delivery, physical therapy from the comfort of home, follow-up care, and unlimited dialogue with our care team and medical providers. Your medication costs (with convenient refills) are included as well.

During your comprehensive consultation and diagnosis, you'll only get matched to board-certified MDs with extensive backgrounds in musculoskeletal medicine. No physician assistants or nurse practitioners. You may cancel or switch treatment plans at any time by dropping us a note at There are no surprises, hidden fees, or long-term commitments. See pricing details.

Is Dorsal covered by insurance?

Dorsal's healthcare services – i.e. specialist consultations, prescription medications (with free delivery), and physical therapy – are not covered by insurance because we set cash pay prices that are more affordable than your usual insurance copays. However, we do accept HSA / FSA which allows you to save nearly 30% on treatment since the funds are pre-tax dollars. See pricing details.

How do I use HSA/FSA to cover my Dorsal subscription?

By using HSA/FSA funds (which are pre-tax dollars), you can save nearly 30%. There are two ways in which you may use HSA/FSA to pay for your Dorsal membership:

1) If you have your HSA/FSA connected to a card, you may enter that card information as your payment method on file.

2) If you need to submit a receipt for reimbursement, you may request an itemized receipt by emailing us at

How do I cancel or stop my treatment program?

You can switch or cancel your plan at any time. Just drop us a note at, and one of our team members will cancel or modify your plan. We also accept cancellations by text (833-988-0589). Cancellations and plan modifications are effective as of the time of the email or message. You will receive an email confirming the change as soon as we process the request.

How much does my medication cost?

Your medication, including any refills or prescription changes, is already included in your regular monthly plan at no additional charge!

When will I receive my medication?

If you purchase your medication through us, in most cases you’ll receive it by mail within five days.

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns. However, if you feel we have made a mistake in the filling of your order, please let us know at

Is shipping free?

Yes! Shipping is completely free, and most orders will arrive within five days of order placement.

Lower Back Pain

How does Dorsal treat lower back pain?

Dorsal uses safe, effective telemedicine technologies to treat your back pain. We collect critical information from your dynamic onboarding to make an initial assessment on whether it’s feasible to consider treating you online. If it is, a Dorsal-affiliated physician will reach out to you with a follow-up and make a final determination on whether to treat you through telemedicine. We’ll walk you through the care program and help you understand our treatment recommendations, and follow up with you during your treatment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

What medications do physicians on the Dorsal platform prescribe?

Dorsal's physicians rely on conservative, FDA-approved prescription medications (such as muscle relaxers, steroid dose packs, topical and oral NSAIDs, anticonvulsants, SNRIs, and TCAs) when formulating personalized treatment programs. Our clinical protocols draw from current best practices in treating back pain, including guidelines from the Veterans Affairs Department, Defense Department, American College of Physicians, European Spine Journal, American Physical Therapy Association, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Does Dorsal prescribe opioids or other controlled substances?

Never. Dorsal's treatment protocols are based on research-supported conservative care principles, and we only prescribe safe, non-opioid medications.

Is it safe to get my lower back pain treated online?

Yes, in most cases. Dorsal screens for red flags that would prevent us from being able to treat you through telemedicine, such as a history of malignancies. Dorsal-affiliated physicians are all licensed, experienced healthcare providers, and they will monitor your treatment program carefully and let you know if at any point you should cease online treatment and seek in-person care instead.