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How It Works

No more waiting rooms and high costs. Get clinically proven treatments shipped straight to your door. Wondering how we formulate your diagnosis and care plan? Here’s what goes on behind the scenes.
Three Easy Steps

Dorsal's Process

Online visit
Discuss your medical history and symptoms with your doctor
Your treatment plan, delivered
Get your treatments conveniently shipped to your door
Ongoing support
Keep your doctor updated so they can adjust your care plan

1. Online Visit

Start off your visit by providing us with information on your back pain. The online visit concisely but comprehensively covers your symptoms and medical history, and because it's specifically designed for back pain, often provides your doctor with more information than an in-person visit would while also being more time efficient. If your doctor needs more detail on anything, they'll let you know.

2. Treatment Delivered

After your doctor reviews your condition and completes any follow-ups needed to form a diagnosis, they'll design a custom treatment plan for you. Our treatment plans are always rooted in conservative care principles, and are designed to be completed right at home with free delivery for any medications you may be prescribed.

3. Ongoing Support

We don't just give you a prescription and move on. Your doctor will check in with you to see how your treatment progress is coming along, and make adjustments to your care plan as needed. You can reach out to your doctor with any questions after your initial online visit at no additional charge on top of your usual monthly fee.

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